My name is Sharne Kuper and I am passionate about helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. As a wife and mother of two young children I understand the difficulty of juggling life’s demands.

Prior to becoming a professional organiser I was a textile buyer and colourist. I spent several months every year traveling the globe, sourcing new textile products and designs along with forecasting trends in the industry.

After having a family, business travel was not an option so I decided to build on my natural organising and decluttering skills to create My Organised Home.

I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding. What may feel overwhelming to you is an exciting challenge to me. I can help you gain control of your environment, restore a sense of wellbeing and give you back space and time to concentrate on the important things in life.

Since starting My Organised Home in 2013 I have helped hundreds of families and individuals downsize, declutter, organise and move.